Dreamers – Step Up Your Game

Why are we here? What have we been taught through custom and tradition?

I’ve never easily accepted being a part of the societal mould that everyone thinks is normal. I can’t even describe what normal is. Growing up my high school was full of people with red, green, and blue mohawks, chains dangling from their pants, spike collars around their wrists and necks, and piercings anywhere you can imagine. There were about 20 hugs a day, regular outbursts of song and dance – anyone would have thought they were in a musical! And, then there was the “field” where everyone went to enjoy the sunshine, play pass with a Frisbee, sit in circles to sing, drums, play guitars or just listen… and a few of us would be dazed out contemplating returning back to class after lunch break. Not because we didn’t want to, mostly because it wouldn’t have been responsible. That my friends, is what you call an oxymoron.

All I know is that my adolescence was not what my parents wanted it to be. I didn’t really fit in, and school wasn’t my favourite after being bullied. I had a couple of bad relationships that lead me to being quite depressed, and I didn’t graduate with everything I needed because I was more focused on the arts than I was with my academics. Good thing I didn’t let my past control my future! 😉

Poetry 1All I know is that we weren’t brought onto this earth to be average.

We don’t just wear these meat puppets to just watch time go by – yes I am referring to our skin-, we deserve more than LIVING TO WORK the typical 9-5, and I personally would rather WORK to LIVE!

Do you ever WONDER what else is out there…? If I may… We are wearing these gorgeous organ protectors to do everything that we ever wanted to do in human form. This is our chance to live out our dreams and give our SOUL A CHANCE to pursue it’s purpose here on earth.

At times we are dreamers with huge brainstorming bubbles of MAGICAL IDEAS that we desire to CREATE. At times, we are being watched and held accountable to our GOALS that we “want” so bad. This is the time to shine! We need to step up to our dreams & CREATE them. No more waiting around, wishing and wanting, but actually stepping up and creating the magic that needs to happen. It might be a long marathon, but not as long as the life you’ve already lived.

There is A REASON why we are here, and WHY we feel JOY from the things that our soul speaks so fondly of. It’s because our purpose is to do more of what makes us feel good. ❤  Whether we need to enjoy the scenery, reflect, and embrace the moments that we willingly let pass by… or do what it takes to live with PASSION and be exactly who we are meant to be. It’s always going to be a choice to take action. So step up and Live the life you Deserve.

Special thanks to Yves Ducoing / D’Onofrio photography


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