The Trespassers movie

While I was in Canada, just before the big move to Australia I was offered a role in a local, independent short film based out of the Alberta countryside. I worked amongst Monica LeBlond, Hans Potter, Graham Mothershill, Eddy Saadeh, Joshua Lee Coss, and Owen Bishop. The film was directed by Grant Leon Smith.

This was definitely an interesting piece to work on. It was extremely cold outside during the blizzards and dry snow season, but we started filming it in Autumn. Anyone notice any continuity errors? Due to the low budget, there was very basic film equipment used, but it was a chance for Grant Smith to direct and record a vision he has had for a while. The The Trespassers Teaser Trailer gives you a 49 second clip to see what the gist of the short film is about. You even have the option of streaming the final production for $3.

Now I know it sounds like I am trying to sell it to you, and in a way I kind of am. That’s what we are supposed to do, isn’t it? Spread the word through social media, especially if it is a project that we’ve worked on with other like-minded creatives! Proud moment, mum! *wink*

Check out The Trespassers Poster Mock Up that we used to advertise it. If you do watch it, or feel like sharing independent projects, please share this with someone. Our entire team is very appreciative, in advance!

Love, peace, and glowing-flowing positive energy your way! ~Ashley x


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